Our bookkeeping service is focused in serving Small Businesses Owners

Our bookkeeping service is focused in serving to Small Businesses Owners, through our long years of experience, we have helped our clients to save valuable time and money over the time.

Engaging the services of a Bookkeeper is about finding a professional firm who understands accounting and is ready to take you and your company up to the success ladder. You want a team that has a high level of expertise, training, and technical-know-how to give a boost your business.

Engaging JoseTaxes as your Bookkeeper, will leave you feeling at ease, we will work around the clock to deliver a top-quality service. We know the most important duties of a bookkeeper: to track payables and receivables and keep all of your business’s financial activities documented.

JoseTaxes 13 years of Bookkeeping experience gives your revenue a boost by saving on overhead costs up to 40%. When you engage JoseTaxes, you are getting much more than a conventional Bookkeeping Service, you are getting an extended supportive arm who will learn about your business, assess your needs, and offer you a top-notch advice that will help you to the path of success and to stay ahead of your competitors.

Our team of Accounting professionals provides businesses with a custom-tailored, bookkeeping and tax preparation services, with a focus on delivering a guaranteed excellent customer support.

JoseTaxes offers a bookkeeping service with diverse coverage, ranging from payroll processing to financial reporting.


  • Revenue Reconciliation with Bank Deposits
  • Accounts Payable (Vendor Bills and Payments)
  • Accounts Receivable (Customer Invoices and Collections)
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Reconciliations (Checking and Credit Cards)

Considering which Version of QuickBooks to Use or Set-up?

We will help you in evaluating your bookkeeping or accounting requirements and recommend the best suited version of QuickBooks software, if you are yet decided on a software version. Our professionally trained staff can assist you in the software installation, template creation, map accounts and the account to import, to ensure you get the most out of your accounting software.

Our customer support works around the clock to ensure an ongoing support for questions and troubleshooting, one-time advice or a regular analysis or review of QuickBooks Data Files. It will also interest you to know that we are only a phone call away or you can learn more of our bookkeeping services by contacting us through our contact details on this page.


Why you should outsource your bookkeeping to us?

  • Actual-time detail of business accounting structure & summary.
  • Cost reduction and time affectivity for small businesses as well as reduces company costs, training, and retaining staff.
  • You can have a full guaranteed access to our secured business accounting & bookkeeping data.
  • It doesn’t require the installation of accounting software on the computer of a business owner.
  • Your level of productivity increases as it saves you time, money and effort as a small business owner.
  • Safeguarding of all accounting information as a cloud-based accounting system to avoid loss of data or security-theft.
  • Regular preparation of customized financial statements.
  • Regular compliance to the governing authorities i.e. IRS, GAAP and other local, state & federal authorities.
  • Daily bookkeeping of business accounting data, better tax prediction and accuracy.
  • Speedy financial analysis to manage risks timely.
  • Accuracy in bookkeeping with easier Audits and other records keeping.

bookkeeping crystal clear, so you can pay attention to your business