We want to save you time and pain handling your divorce paper

Ever felt like filing for divorce but considering how long the process takes? We understand that Divorce has become a common conversation, we want to save you time, pains and stress of going through the hassles of handling a divorce paper. Dissolution of marriage is the exact term for divorce in Florida and is categorized into three as follows:

  • Uncontested divorce:

This is a marriage dissolution pronouncement that none of the involved parties is at war. When there is a divorce agreement between both parties in a marriage, filing for an uncontested divorce can save time and money through simplified court procedures. There must not be any financial dispute amongst the couple

  • Contested divorce:

This is a marriage dissolution pronouncement where the parties involved are unable to reach an agreement on one or more issues in order to decisively end their marriage, even with the help of a lawyer, they must approach a court to settle their differences.

  • Collaborative divorce:

This is a marriage dissolution process which involves the elimination of disputes from the “war and victory “setting of a courtroom into a “troubleshoot and problem solve” setting of negotiations. This, involves using mediation and negotiations to settle their divorce between couple.

Each divorce has its uniqueness and procedural requirements that must be followed in order to be granted, nevertheless, all Divorce cases begin the same way. We are here to help you through the process, so that you can put your mind at ease and resume your life.

How do I file for divorce?

The divorce process starts the moment your spouse files a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with the appropriate circuit court, a divorce can only be granted by a circuit court judge by way of a Final Judgement for Dissolution of Marriage. The marriage can only be legally ended the moment the judge signs the marriage dissolution petition file.

What’s the duration for filing for divorce?

Once file the divorce petition, it requires at least twenty days. this 20-day cooling off period is geared towards allowing the parties involved to have a change of mind. An agreement term is reached between you and your spouse in the case of uncontested divorce.

(1) Filing the Petition for dissolution of marriage with the court and

(2) Dissolution of marriage by having the judge sign the Final Judgment.

In the case other marriage dissolution types, the actual time to reach the signing of the final decree can vary greatly.

What is the quickest way to dissolve a marriage?

An uncontested divorce is less complex, least expensive and fastest way to legally end a marriage. With an uncontested divorce you and your spouse reach a compromise on the issues and terms of your divorce. This reduces the legal fee and response rate on the judge to decide for you. An uncontested divorce consent should be a determinant on how you and your spouse will share your assets, debts, properties, and if you have kids, make decisions on how child support, child custody and visitation are to be taken care of. 

By agreeing on these terms, you and your spouse can save huge amount or thousands of dollars on legal costs compared to a conventional contested divorce where these matters are litigated before the court and the judge pass the final verdict.

What’s special about Our Divorce services?

Our divorce services are truly unique as it allows you to begin your uncontested divorce process 100% without having to visit the court. Simply answer few questions then we send your paperwork for processing to the court. There will be a waiting period of three weeks to receive an approval for marriage dissolution.

What does JoseTaxes Divorce service provide?

Our service includes an easy access to our friendly and interactive interview, which allows you to answer a series of simple questions which explains your personal situation, circumstances and agreements reached with your spouse. Once you submit your answers, we examine your responses then fill all the case documents required for your personal situation, circumstances. The divorce documents you receive not only includes the petition for marriage dissolution but also the final pronouncement of the marriage dissolution as well as all the forms, coversheets and other documents required by your local circuit court. By using our Divorce service, you are assured that you receive complete and correct case file that you can use to complete your uncontested divorce case.

What does it cost to use our Divorce service?

Our service fee is affordable and flexible, so, you have nothing to worry, because our aim is to see you smile and live a happy life.

Our service fee is affordable and flexible, so, you have nothing to worry