From life, health and vehicle insurance to workers compensation

Whatever is happening in your life, our wide range of insurance products can help you get the coverage you need, from life and health insurance to vehicle and worker’s compensation insurance.

Life Insurance

Our life insurance policies provide you with a lump-sum payment in exchange for monthly premiums. The lump-sum can be paid to your family when you pass away or after a specific amount of time has passed. If you’re looking for a health and life insurance policy, we’ve got you covered.

What do you need to start a life insurance quote?

  • The total number of outstanding debts left on things such as loans, mortgage, etc.
  • Specific details regarding your state of health.
  • Occupation and income level
  • Common medical details you may be asked about are weight, blood pressure, height and cholesterol levels


How much does life insurance cost?

The cost of a life insurance varies based on your specific situation, this takes into account your medical history, hobbies and lots more.

Health Insurance

Health insurance safeguards you and your household against financial catastrophe when you become sick or handicapped.

Auto Insurance

With our long years of experience, JoseTaxes has been providing affordable car insurance with outstanding customer service.

Motorcycle Insurance

In some instances, two wheels are better than four, but prior to hitting the road, you need to see how JoseTaxes could help you save money on motorcycle insurance.

Boat Insurance

When you choose JoseTaxes for boat insurance, you can relax knowing you’re covered. We provide great rates and outstanding customer service.

Travel Insurance

Planning a vacation or business trip? Do you know that ensuring your flight or even the total cost of trip can save you lot of uncertainties? Help safeguard your travel plans using our travel insurance service.



Workers compensation insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance, is insurance that covers medical expenses and a part of lost wages for your workers when they sustain injury or falls on the job. Coverage employee’s disability, missed wage replacement and death benefits.

How does workers’ compensation insurance work?

Workers can only obtain benefits if sustained injury or illness relates to their occupation responsibility or employment. Workers’ compensation insurance might cover injuries sustained by slipping on a wet or oily surface, raising large equipment, or injury sustained due to explosions or fire outbreak.

Any injury sustained out of work place, such as going on mounting climbing with friends on a day off, wouldn’t be covered on the workers’ compensation insurance.

Who needs workers’ compensation insurance?

Bear in mind, workers’ compensation insurance safeguards not only your staff but your business too. The cost for workers compensation insurance is dependent on special qualities of your business as well as your claims history, state and payroll.

From life, health to vehicle and worker’s compensation insurance.